Vaping 101: Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin

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A hot debate when it comes to vaping is whether to use e-fluid that is heavier in Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or a product containing one or another.


According to an article in a review site, Cloud Nine, “both VG and PG are considered harmless to ingest. They are not “oils” as many would have you believe as they are both water soluble.”  


Simply put, both substances have properties that allow them to enhance flavor and aid in nicotine delivery by acting as a base/emulsifier for the e-juice. We would like to state that both these ingredients are FDA approved!


We figured we’d put together some facts about Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin to help those who wish to take up vaping or replace their cigarette packs with vaporizers a better sense of what these two substances are, how they work and what to take into account when deciding what you want your e-juice of choice to be based in!


A bit on PG

PG is an organic compound which is used as a solvent and is currently the more popular of the two bases when it comes to e-juice.


One of the reasons for this is the powerful punch it packs in the way of flavor delivery and hit. It is also easier to handle during refills due to its low viscosity, which also allows for less vape-sludge collecting in the device which would make it easier to clean.


It is also easily absorbed which means the liquid runs out a bit faster than that which might be VG based. A lot of vapers who switched over from smoking prefer PG based e-juice as the hit is akin to that received when one inhales tobacco. The only point of concern however is that PG in some users could cause irritation hence its always wise to see what suits you before making a big purchase.


A bit on VG

According to a review in E-juice Connoisseur, “vegetable glycerin is one of the most harmless organic liquids that ever comes into contact with a human body on a regular basis”. Having a higher viscosity, VG produces denser smoke clouds. Even so it is a close second to PG when it comes to general public preference as flavors carried by VG are a little softer than those by the latter. It also tends to leave behind more sludge which would mean devices using it would need cleaning more frequently. This being said, to those who put general health and natural substances before flavor and punch, this is the way to go!



Often e-juice companies use a blend of the two making (called blending) the best of the characteristics of both. If you are looking to identify the best e-liquids for sale or wish to buy vape juice online, make sure you do so from a reliable vendor. Also do not hesitate to ask which kinds of e-liquids are available and what their products are made of.

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